Principal's Message

Principal, Colleen Crowston

Dear Parents and families,
            We are continually hearing “this is unprecedented times”.  The corona virus continues to impact our daily lives.  We understand the frustrations and obstacles many of you are facing  while trying to continue your child’s education at home.   You are not alone!  Our amazing staff will continue to reach out to you over the coming weeks, but we understand that there are many barriers.  There are endless ways to create a learning environment at home with or without technology: baking, journaling, physical exercise, scavenger hunts, card game etc.  Develop a routine and schedule. Students are accustomed to following routines and schedules at school, they will benefit with structure at home as well.     The number one priority is your safety.  The district will continue to provide lunch/breakfast meals.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have questions.  (509)573-7620.
We miss all of you so much!
Colleen Crowston